Month to Month 

Up to 3x/week:   $130/month

Unlimited:           $160/month


Drop-in:  $20/class (cash is preferable)

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Additional Details: 

  • Automatic billing charges to be scheduled every month
  • Billing charges may be made via debit/credit card
  • All payments are subject to WA sales tax
  • Any cancellations require 30-day e-mail notification to Coach Riess ( 

Injury Prevention Screening with a Physical Therapist

Optimize your performance and minimize the risk of being injured by completing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Complimentary injury screen will include:

  • Assessment with the FMS to predict risk of injury and identify deficiencies in movement that may be detrimental to performance
  • Instruction on corrective exercises to help improve asymmetries and dysfunction found with movement patterns

Assessments will take approximately 30 minutes and will be performed at Imperial CrossFit. E-mail our physical therapist, Cassie at to set-up an appointment.

Note: For new members, assessments can be scheduled during your On-Ramp classes or after your sessions are complete. Must be a member to schedule an assessment.