Month to Month 

Up to 3x/week:   $130/month

Unlimited:           $160/month


Drop-in:  $20/class (cash is preferable)

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Additional Details: 

  • Automatic billing charges to be scheduled every month
  • Billing charges may be made via debit/credit card
  • All payments are subject to WA sales tax
  • Any cancellations require 30-day e-mail notification to Coach Riess ( 

Nutrition Coaching and Consultation with a Nutritionist

Discover how you can optimize your recovery, health and performance to drastically change your body and the results you see in the gym.

Whether your goal is fat loss, performance or health and longevity - nutrition is a huge component of that. Coach Cody, a nutrition coach, will be accessible to our members for elite level nutrition coaching.

The initial consultation consists of:

  • Nutrition Assessment - current diet and history of diet
  • Pinpointing Road Blocks - breakdown exactly what's your limiting factor(s)
  • Goal Setting - assist with setting realistic goals/timeframes and expectations
  • Immediate Action Steps - assist with steps on how to take action to improve nutrition immediately
  • Access to Coaching - access to individual nutrition plan designed specifically for you and the results you'd like to see)

For members, feel free to setup a complimentary consultation with Coach Cody by e-mailing him directly at or you can
click here to apply for a consultation.

Note: For new members, consultations can be scheduled during your On-Ramp classes or after your sessions are complete. Must be a member to schedule an consultation.